CS 373 Spring 2021 Week 3: Melanie De La Cruz

This past week I worked on the Collatz project. I started by implementing the simplest solution and then added different optimizations, such as implementing a cache, until I got my code to pass the hackerrank tests.

I need to finish up the Collatz project by adding more optimizations and unit tests. I also have assignments for other classes and a test this week.

Next week I will finish and turn in the Collatz project as well as study and complete assignments for my other classes.

I thought the article was very informative about the different aspects of continuous integration. Although the article was written 15 years ago, the practices it describes are still relevant today. This will be a useful source for information on CI once we start the group project.

I found the coding part of Collatz to be pretty straightforward, although I did run into some bugs while trying to optimize my code. Most of my struggles with the project were related to understanding the requirements for testing, issues, and the other aspects of the project related to the software development process, but I now have a better understanding of these after working on this project.

I had previously heard of exceptions, but I had never used them in my code. After learning more about them in lecture on Friday, I now have a better understanding of how they can be used and I plan to use them in my code for projects for this class.

I was so excited when I went to Trader Joe’s this week to find out that they have Raspberry Hearts! They are sandwich-style shortbread cookies with raspberry jam in the center. Usually they have these in store around Valentine’s Day and a star-shaped version in December, but I couldn’t find any this past December so I wasn’t sure if the heart-shaped ones would be available this year. If you have a Trader Joe’s nearby I highly recommend getting some!

I found this reddit post with advice for how to successfully work with a dev team. This advice should be very helpful as we begin the group project, especially since we won’t be picking our groups.



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